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Is there a way to get my name to prompt? Also is there a place I can find tourney format?- sylvie
FP Admin
There's a customize button in the bottom left below the "TYPE HERE" box.
Almost time for Lonestar and Texas teas!
Fast Pitch Tourney (Fast Plastic rule book) on June 30th in Upland, CA email me for more info. mocabeenow@gmail.com
Ooh, let’s get to this. Cali tourney—-
Kevin Kane
hello gentlemen. The message board is back!
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Back in action!!!
Big big big big big show tonight on FP Radio.
hello FL
603.....registered. Can’t wait fellas.
Usual Suspects...what Gary said.
C9WIFFS...see ya in Texas!
Usual Suspects!!! minishock dirty Lanigan
anyone selling a nerf bat?
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Rumorz abound... Someone named Johnny to Usual Suspects. Confirm?
At Approx 8:25p est we reveal the 2018 Fast Plastic Texas Open NCT Format....brackets and all.
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True ^ and we're live!
Ive got an old Nerf Hoop goal and ball for sale....
Mud Ducks 10
WOW FP message board the good old days
ERL...registered. Can't wait boys
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11 Days left to take advantage of the $100..00 early bird special. Thanks to all those that already did get in!!
FP Homerun Derby Friday eve Oct 5 sponsored by BIG FLYZ.... Big Money $$$$ Big Bats!!!!
Defly in for a HR derby
LV Wifflers are in. Same 3 old dudes we roll with every time. See you all out there!
FP Admin
Good to hear! LVW!
How can i start fast plastic
Hey why did we switch to four man teams? With all of the arms over the years that have gone down, I think the tourny should switch back to five man teams. Let's keep this great game going as long as possible. If I'm not mistaken, there has been a few National Championship teams with five man squads I.e. 603 All Stars, Vipers....Shockers 03's were a Five man Squad that finished in second place. I know this might spark some debate, but in the long run, it's about keeping the game going and bringing back the talent each year that makes this game great!
Mid Atlantic Wiffle allows up to 6 players now and I think that's very interesting. You can really start forming a long term franchise at that point. Teams could be around for years if pitching is limited to two games per pitcher at Nationals. These are just my thoughts and would love to hear everyone elses opinion on the subject - Joe Nord #9
Registration is OPEN for the 2018 Texas Open (10/06/18)
Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll be directed to make a PayPal payment to vipers0236@att.net to reserve your teams spot.

Texas Open 2018 Dates Announced
The Texas Open will return to Frisco, TX on Saturday, October 6th, 2018 – Columbus Day Weekend

Tune in every Wednesday at 8 pm EST  
Listen to Fast Plastic Radio on WROC 93.5WROC Facebook | Fast Plastic on Facebook

2018 Rulebook Now Available
Download your official copy here to learn more about all things FP related. Or you can browse the embedded Issuu version shown below.


Got questions? Looking to get involved with Fast Plastic, attend the 2018 Texas Open or find the nearest qualifier in your area? You can email Fast Plastic at fastplasticnct@gmail.com to get started.