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A Feverish Finish for a Fantastic Competitor

by BillyO

Way back, in the golden years of the sport, when Fast Plastic was a print version newsletter, I would look at various tournaments across the country in search of outstanding players.  I would also seek out major contributors to the sport- guys that would go above and beyond the normal realm of sanity to promote the sport.  When these two aspects of the sport emerged and a name ascended from that collision is when I knew I had found the Fast Plastic PLAYER OF THE YEAR.

Within a couple very quick years FP became the sanctioning body of the National Championship with qualifying tournaments scattered from sea to sea.  All players, directors, fans, writers, contributors were all in… everyone; all playing the same game.  In 2003, in a little ‘ol Texas town called Cedar Park, we crowned the first Fast Plastic National Champion.  On that same day Bruce Chrystie and I handed over an MVP plaque to a guy named Jim Balian.  Balian played like no other in the NCT.  He directed the Phoenix Region of FP, and played like a man amongst children in ’03.  Clearly, Jim Balian was the Fast Plastic Player of the Year for 2003.

In subsequent seasons, The Player of the Year title was merged into the Fast Plastic MVP.  Guys like Hensley, Stoop, Lazur, Trzpis, Leahy, and Nord all were at the top of Everest.

Now, insert FP 2018, a new era some say.  Without question, The Fast Plastic PLAYER OF THE YEAR is awarded to TY WEGRZYN.  Throughout the big three venues of this sport, GSWL, Palisades WBL, and FP, Ty displayed unequivocal excellence.  First, his team, the Enemy, rolled through the GSWL Yard Championship unscathed.  Wegrzyn, like a tractor tilling under corn stalks deep in the Nebraska plains, plowed through games like a diehard John Deere (give him the ball and watch him roll).  Next, as a member of the Expos in the country’s premier league, Ty put up amazing numbers through a 22 gm regular season and 6 post season games. All stats can be viewed at the Palisades WBL website.  Most notably 17 Wins, 12 HRs, and a BA hovering right around .300, enough to probably take home the PWBL MVP.  Rather hefty, to say the least.  Bret Bevelacqua said Ty’s Palisades league performance is one of, if not the best, the Commissioner has witnessed in the league’s 10 year run.

If those accolades aren’t enough to impress the average fan consider Ty’s Fast Plastic 2018 Texas Open experience.  Similar to a human shot out of cannon under the big top at PT Barnum’s marquis show from 1885, this kid Wegrzyn is the man.  We can all look on in amazement.  He humbly accepted the FP MVP trophy, made the WCWR All-Tournament team, successfully logged and incredible amount of innings pitched through a murderer’s row of teams and hitters.  Smashed, crushed, belted, walloped, and laced balls across the playing fields offered up by America’s very best players.  So what, right?  WRONG.  Opponents were clocked throwing mid to high 90’s and even into triple digits.  Some of Ty Wegrzyn’s MVP run stats-

4 GS 21 2/3 IP in pool play. 19 for 36 for a .528 BA.

Ty Wegrzyn, the 2018 Fast Plastic Player of the Year.

It’s gonna take a mighty bold effort in 2019 to top T-Weg.

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